Managing Digital Photos

YCEN 1-30 to 4-30pm Feb 6, 13 and 20 2008
YCEN 12 pm to 3pm April 23, 30, May 7 2008
Tallangatta CEC 9-30am to 12-30pm August 11, 18 and 25 2008
YCEN 9-30 to 12-30 Nov 15 and Nov 29 2008

This course is great for those with a new digital camera or anyone who would like to learn more about their digital camera and what to do with photos. Learn how to
  • understand your cameras capabilities and settings
  • connect your camera to a computer
  • manage removable storage cards and use card readers to access your photos
  • strategies for storage of photos on computers
  • copying photos to another medium for backup purposes
  • using photos in stories and movies
  • promotion with photos and stories

Task 1 - access this page and add your name and camera model to the blog and any software you are using to manage photos.

Understanding your camera capabilities and settings

Task 2 - access and print if you need the following 8 page document
Features of digital cameras

Task 3
This is an outstanding toolbox (website) that we will use to learn more about digital photography basics
Digital photography Toolbox

Task 4
The following website provides a fantastic set of free notes and animations
Introduction to digital photography

Task 5

Photo Ideas and Tips

Top Ten Digital Photography Tips


Task 6

Photo Management Software

You will almost certainly have obtained software on a cdrom when you purchased your camera. There is a huge number of programs available. Basically they all serve the same purpose

  1. Facillitate the process of copying photos from the camera to a computer's hard drive
  2. Rename photos so that they are more easily identified by time, date, place, subject etc
  3. Organise photos into folders on the computers hard drive

Google Picasa - this is outstanding photo manipulation and management program by google - access instructions for its use here

Gimp - which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program - a great alternative to the very expensive industry standard program Photoshop