Introduction to Digital Photography Course at YCEN September 2006

The content of the digital photography course will include some or all of the following
  • Getting to know your digital camera well
  • Using photography methods to take better pictures
  • File formats and the implications
  • Printing services

Course content

Im not a great fan of reinventing the wheel - here is a great set of free notes on
Introduction to digital photography
Digital photography worksheet 1
Digital photography worksheet 1
Digital photography worksheet 1
Digital photography wordsearch

About my camera by Tony Marsh

external image tony2.jpg

I have a Konica Minolta Dimage Z3 camera which I bought about christmas time last year
Its a 4 megapixel camera with 12 x optical zoom and an anti shake feature
I bought a 1 gigabyte memory chip for it - I hate the way when you buy a digital camera the memory chip it comes with is useless!
You can check out lots of my photos at my wikispace page

Please add your name and information about your camera to this page.

Susan Reynolds

I have a Ricoh CaplioR2 5 mp 4.8 X wide zoom lens Optical zoom. 256 mb memory card. SD.
I've probably taken about 150 photos. I've printed at KMart and, with help, on a printer. I have difficulty with the printing programs.

Peter Gniatkiewicz
I have a Nikon Coolpix 4100 4mp3x optical zoom, internal menery and 128mb memory card SD. I have taken approx 110 photos.
I have printed these photo's at Harvy Norman but since then I have purchased a printer so that I can print my own photo's.
Bob Cox
My camera is a Kodak DX6440. It has 4.23 MP picture resolution and 4X Optical 3.2Digital Zoom. The camera has 16Mb Internal Memory and I have inserted a 128MB SD card. Although I have taken about 120 photos, I have not had much success with printing and emailing the photos. Hence my interest in this course.

Gail Harrison
YCEN owns 2 Kodak EasyShare Z740 zoom digital cameras. As they are new I have only taken a few photoes during class with them. It has a 10X zoom, 32 MB of internal memory,1GB memory card. It has all sorts of features and settings which I am yet to explore.

Jay owns a Canon Powershot A610 5 megapixels with a 1 gb memory card - and it came with 28mb
Helen owns a Canon Powershot SD400 - 5 megapixels
Lyns owns a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30GN 8Mpixel
Carolyn and Cheryl are using YCEN cameras