Excel Exercise 14

Jenson Sports Wear Quarterly Sales

1. Open the workbook and save it as running2.xls

2. Calculate totals for each product

3. Calculate quarterly totals for the Shoes and Shirts departments

4. Calculate totals for each quarter and an overall total

5. Modify the worksheet so it is more easily understood ie make shoes and shirts clearly as category labels

6. Use the Page SetUp dialog box to center the output both horizontally and vertically

7. Add the filename, your name and the date in the footer section and delete the formatting code &[File] from the center section of the header

8. Save the worksheet

9. Preview the worksheet and adjust the page setup as necessary for the printed results you want

10. Print the worksheet

11. Place the comment "Leading Product" in a text box. Remove the border from the text box (Hint: use the Format Object dialog box). Draw an oval object around the comment.(hint: use the Oval tool on the Drawing toolbar). Draw an arrow from the edge of the oval to the number in the worksheet representing the leading product. Save and print the worksheet. Your printout should fit on one page.