Excel Basics Exercise 6

  1. Open the workbook
  2. Save the workbook as Fresh Air Sales Incentives
  3. Complete the worksheet by adding the following formulas
  4. 2006 Actual for each employee = Sum of Actual Sales for Each Quarter
  5. Goal 2006 for each employee = 2005 Sales times (1 + Goal %Increase)
  6. %Goal reached for each employee = 2006 Actual / 2005 Goal
  7. (Hint: use the Copy command. Review relative versus absolute references)
  8. Make the formatting changes using an Autoformat to improve the appearance of the worksheet
  9. Print the worksheet centred horizontally and vertically and add a header and name and date in the footer
  10. At the bottom of the worksheet (3 rows after the last sales rep) add the averagae, maximum and minimum statistics for columns C through I
  11. Save the workbook
  12. Print the workbook
  13. Find out how to freeze the column header pane so it remains in view as you scroll down (look up help on freeze panes)