Excel Exercise 9 - Formatting Worksheets

  1. Open and save it as MSI Sales Report 2
  2. Make sheet2 the active sheet. Use sheet2 to include information about the workbook. Insert the following information

Text Entry
Motorcycle Specialities Incorporated
Created by:
Date created:
Your name goes here
Today's date goes here
Sales report comparing sales by region for 2005 and 2006
  1. Change the name of the worksheet from sheet2 to Title sheet and print the title sheet
  2. Make sales comparison sheet active and insert a new column between C and D
  3. In cell D4 enter the heading "Change"
  4. In cell D5 enter the formula to calculate the change in sales for North America from 2005 to 2006
  5. Copy the formula in D5 to the other regions and total D6 through D9 using the fill handle
  6. Calculate summary statistics for 2005 and display average in C13, maximum in C14 and minimum in C15
  7. Save the workbook and print the sales comparison worksheet
  8. Insert the following into cell F4 as a comment "Divide 2006 sales in each region by total sales in 2006"