Downloading, emailing, storing and printing photos

Week 1 August 1
Welcome to the wonderful world of digital photography - we truly live in a blessed age where the acquisition and usage of remarkable cameras is in the realm of all it would seem.
Where do we start? By taking photos thats where.
In pairs decide on a letter of the alphabet
Grab a camera and go out and shoot as many pictures as you can find that start with that letter.
Then we will download them to a computer and start having fun.
To start boning up about digital photography you can check
And if we've got time we will do the Who Am I activity

Week 2 August 8
Today most of us looked at using the free Google program called Picasa to manage photos.
We used the basic fixes tools to crop remove red eye adjust color and brightness and change filenames
Lyn used the program IrfanView on her laptop to view, resize, crop and enhance her photos and saved her edited photos in a new folder
John was really wanting to learn about Adobe Photoshop Elements but unfortunately we didnt have a computer with it available
Jay was busy capturing a movie from a dv camera into Moviemaker
Next session will be in 2 weeks on the 22nd August - a very auspicious day.

Week 3 August 22

Digital photography notes
Digital photography notes 2